Welcome to Debate

Debate is a new app to create a place for friends to come together to debate the topics of the day. No more trolling and filling up timelines on Facebook and Twitter, instead a friendly platform for people to give an opinion via text or video and share it quickly and easily.

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Feature Image

See the Results

At Debate we don’t believe in just showing you a little graph of people who agree or disagree to something. We like to show a little more! Debate will show what people think by sex, age and even geography. Do you fall into the majority or minority for your particular group?

Awesome Features

Video Responses

Debate not only allows you to say if you are ‘for’ or ‘against’ something but also allows you to record a video to let the world know ‘why’ you feel that way. If you have an opinion, shout about it!

Follow your Friends

See a timeline of what your friends think about debates. Follow people you are interested in and see if their opinion matches your own and perhaps leave a comment saying what you think about it.

See the Results

Debate allows you to see the previous Debate results of the nation, broken down into groups. For the first time you can quickly see if men and women debate differently, see whether different ages or regions think the same, and ultimately whether are you in the majority with your position.

Social Media Sharing

Want to sing your opinion from the rooftops? No Problem! Debate allows for quick and easy sharing to other apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Points for Positions

The more you use Debate, and the more you interact with Debate the more points you get. How will you rank amongst your friends?

Regular Debate Updates

Debates will change on a regular basis depending upon the hot topics of the day. keep checking back for new debates and to find out what your friends think

How It Works


Using Debate is easy! We try to provide topics that people are talking about at the time and wading into the debate couldn’t be easier

Record a Debate

Interested by a Debate? Great! You don’t even have to have a strong opinion as Debate will give you the options to be debate but there is always a ‘middle ground’. Simple select the option you feel and record a short video telling the world why! They upload it to Debate!

Reach the Masses!

Recorded a great Debate? Want to spread the word further? Awesome news! Simply click the share button to let all your friends on other platforms know what is on your mind.

Feature Image
Feature Image


We at Debate know you don’t just have an opinion on the topical issues which are around at the minute but also the really important questions like is the cream supposed to go on a scone before or after the jam? and who would really win a fight between Superman and Batman? We will provide three debate categories for you to wade in on:


We review everything from trending on Twitter to the latest newsfeeds to bring you a topical question which everyone seems to be talking about. These Debates are focused on the bigger issues which we often discuss like Brexit, Trump vs Clinton and Ffracking.


Fun Debates are the discussions which can make and break friendships! A bit of light hearted, but well - reasoned fun - Debates on the issues that affect you every day!


A Promoted Debate is a Debate provided by one of our excellent friends who want to hear what YOU have to say! Use your voice and your rationale to drive their next decision!

Followers and Points

Keeping track of the Debates of the people who interest you the most is simple in Debate. Just search their name, and click to follow – Easy!


Once you have searched the name you are looking for, have a quick look at their profile where you can see where they are from, what type of a person they consider themselves and how many points they have scored. We will even show you their last Debate uploads.


You will see as you enjoy the Debate App you are rewarded points for various things. You will also be able to see your friends’ points. Do points mean prizes? or even an invitation to a live Debate? Keep scoring and watch this space!

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Screenshots of Debate

Debate is full of great content which you will find fun and easy to use. Check out the screenshots below before clicking the download button!


Why only three Debates?

We want to get as many people debating on the same topics as possible which is why we have limited the number of debates running at once. Don’t worry though, we will change them regularly to keep giving you the chance to wade in.
A little camera shy but still want to voice an opinion? No problems! In the Debate app you can wade into debates by simply uploading text.
Debate has been created to create a safe, fun and enjoyable place to give you opinion. If you see something which you deem inappropriate or offensive, then ‘Report’ it and we will investigate it and if required remove the post and contact the user.
We want to be able to show the results of the debate in the most fun and engaging ways. From time to time we will post the results showing even more interesting facts about the Debates than are shown in the app. Do people who have jobs say different than those that don’t? Do Uni graduates have a different viewpoint than those that went straight into work? We’ll show you!
No problem, the more information we have the fun the results can be but if you don’t want to share this information just press ‘skip’ on the relevant pages when registering.
We would love to hear from you about potential debate topics. Simply use the contact form people and we will get straight back to you!
Any enquiries regarding a sponsored Debate should be submitted using the contact form below.
We love a good idea, if you have thought of a feature which would make Debate better then please let us know on the form below.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you about Debate. Let us know if you have any great ideas for furture updates, have a burning Debate you think we should run or would to discuss the possibility of sponsering a Debate for a few weeks. Get in touch using the form below or on any of our social media channels.